Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wed March 12 Rome 9pm

This is where we ate dinner just outside of the Vatican.

Courtyard inside of the Vatican museum

Inside of th Vatican courtyard

One of many fine quality sculpturs ; detail of anatomy is wonderful!

2 fine looking Texas women

Bronze of Hercules in the Vatican Musuem

One of the many different altars at St Peters

This is the fountain outside St Peters...just as we were leaving in late afternoon....The day ended just wonderful. Shirley and I ate spaghetti and had panna cotta with berries. We had been at the Vatician museum since 2PM on a guided tour which included the Sistine Chapel. MY only words would be, you all gotta come and see it for your self. We slept in late and left the convent around 12 noon and as we walked out of the door, Sister told us our luggage would come today. And sure enough, it was there when we came home tonight. We were like two children opening presents on Christmas. The next 2 days we will be doing check list of sights we want to see...Shirley worked very hard with the Rick Steves book, making a plan for us. The book was in the luggage, so we got lots to do before we come back. Our luggage has been all over the world without us. Finally we are all together and now do not have to wash out clothes by hand.
So, stay tuned for up comming attractions. So, we are very tired and Shirey and Nola say God Bless to you all .... happy dreams!
P.S When we went through security at DFW (our 2nd or 3rd time, we lost track!) Shirley kept setting off the alarm...I had already been through and she asked me to hand her the boarding pass and the security lady didnt like that at all...they made me go back through again...they used the wand on Shirley and ended up frisking her!!! That was just one more experience in our airport escapades.


Ron said...

I trust you got the recipe for Panna Cotta so we can try it when you're back home! :)

txstangchic said...

Great pictures! Glad you got your luggage...clean clothes are wonderful!!
(tip for your next low light photo, put the camera on the 'landscape setting' usually marked by a mountain. That will light the background without a flash and produce a clear picture!)