Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday...last evening in Rome

Little Italian girl feeding the pigeons in front of our convent.

Piazza in Travestere

San Giovanni of Lateran Church

View from near the Colloseum

Gas station right on the curb!

Nola & Shirley at the Trevi Fountain..

Trevi Fountain

View of Rome from the bridge over the Tiber River.

Nola and Shirley ... just us again . Today it was just the best...I think we have said this about each day we have been blessed to be in Rome. I hope y'al have had a good journey with us and we are so pleased that you have been reading along. Our journey in Rome is almost to a close. We leave for the airport 6:15AM for a 10AM flight to New York and then to Big D. We get into Dallas around 8:45PM Dallas time on Sunday evening. And yes, Shirley and I do have to go to work on Monday...but it was all worth it. Our hearts are full and energy is high...and it will take us at lest a year to process all what we have seen and experience. We are now going to put in several pictures with just a few words to describe it. In a few weeks or so, when we get back and have rested up, we will have our friends over to my house, with all of the pictures on the lap top and the stories will be flowing. Shirely is going to write a personal analysis of what her trip to Rome was to her. As for me...each moment I had on trip is my analysis. I could not have planned it any better than what it has just been. Enjoy the pictures. Shirely has done some great photos.

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