Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday 9am Rome pics from Thurs

This is the Santa Maria of Travestere...which I have already mention in the blog on Thursday evening.

Cats of Rome kitty litter box. This is full of cats...cannot remember who brought them here, but they have been here for years. They are living among the Roman runins...not far from Pantheon.

Dinner on Thursday evening. Tiramisu was the best. Shirley had chicken and potatoes and wine and Nola had meat balls, potatoes and beer.

One of the best pizza places on the planet!

The dogs have their own parking place.
They take their dogs everywhere...inside shops and eating places.

Breakfast in the plaza in front of the convent

Aquaduct 1609

Villa Doria Pamphliji

Estate at Villa Doria Pamphilji

Apartments in Travestere

Emmanuel building ,

Pantheon interior

Pantheon at night

We are off again in the city of Rome. This is Friday.... we have a full day ahead of us. Will blog again tonight. The weather is fine and perfect for us today.

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