Monday, March 10, 2008

nola and shirley monday10.... 9.45PM Rome time

sunday: left DFW on time to new york. Good flight. A nice Italian man sat next to shirely on the plane and he gave us some good suggestions. Also, he too..

Our flight was 3 hours delay leaving new york ... as we were waiting... I notice a nice looking young man, with a great profile of his face.... Shirely nicknamed him THE CHIN. We got on the plane and then they said, the plane was taken out of service. So, we got a new one and sat on the driveway for over 1 hour and then took off. We sat next to an Italian family with two older children...very nice...the flight was very short, only 7 hours, they took a route over New Founland....flight was very rough...lots of bouncing around...

We landed and took the bus from the plane to the terminal which was very different...we got inside to check on our lost luggage and found THE LINE again! >Our bags are still lost.... may show up while we are here...turned out to be a blessing though because the trip from Termini to our hotel was very hard...lots of stairs, etc....<

When we bought our train ticket the guy short changed us and

The train from Termini to Rome looks just like our "hood" in Oak Cliff....not well maintained, graffiti, run down, etc.

Got our Roma Pass and took the metro to our stop near our convent. Several stops to ask directions, we got a personal guide, a young college student, who took us straight to our convent. We got checked in and everyone is very nice.

We rested for about 3 hours after being up for about 32 hours...Shirley slept on the plane.-..

Found this internet cafe right down from the convent...also a

nola again.. shirely and

We just had gelato...

The elevator at the convent is only big enough to turn around in with 1 piece of luggage. So we have been taking the stairs.

More tomorrow...we will try to blog every evening if we to all...

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