Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday March 11 Rome

As we were walking back from the Vatican this little puppy was parked on the side walk. I told Shirely if we deflated the air out of the tires we could bring it home. We see alot of this all of the place.

Us at the Spanish Steps. If you know why we visited the Spanish Steps...please let us know. Shirely said we needed to go..so, I asked why... and she stated " because I said so"... and I always do what she says... now... in addition she had not eaten for several hours... and I do believe she was acting out of charcter due to hypo glycema...so, for now on, I make sure she has someting to eat evey 4.5 hours. Do I hear an "AMEN"

Bon apetite ! Shirely and I ate at a little restaraunt after our SCAVI of the vatican. I had canneloni and Shirely had lasagna and we both had bruschetta. I saw all of this food and asked to take a picture...the owners were very proud and wanted the picture taken. We invited them to Dallas for BBQ and they said they would come. Can you all guess what the dish in the center with the twiggs sticking out is?

Swiss guards at the Vatican.

The Vatican around 8AM on Tuesday. Took the 40 exprss bus and got there within 20 min. The view will take your breath away...and it does look just like on the TV and movies. Every Wed. there is a public mass. May I also, say Shirley and I were very emotional spiritually. Prayers were said for each of you ...and you know who you are at the grave site of St. Peter. We saw where the tomb is under the bascilica.

Colloseum at night Tues Mar 11

This is looking down the street from the convent at night...at the end of the street is the Colloseum...

It is 10:05pm and we just got back from walking to the collesuem...it is very impressive...will go back in the morning for more photos and tour...went on the SCAVI tour this morning and it was historically impressive of St. Peter having the church built on the rock as Jesus said. We went back 2000 years...

The excavations are perfectly perserved. Will tell the story when we get back. We are going to try and download some photos...finally!!!

Today it was great out weather wise...sun and no rain. We have laughed, and grown together and also prayed for our family, friends, and perhaps future enemies... tonight, I am going to give Shirely a foot spa...the rocks on the road are very hard on the feet. Say good night Shirley good night Nola...........................

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Ron said...

How wonderful! Sounds like you are having a great time! Thanks for the pictures and recap. Hope your luggage reappears soon! :)