Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday, Feb 27/08

From NolaRae... or maybe Sister Maria NolaRae as per Ron from MarvinAve

Off today to take care of business for trip. Thank you to Shirley and Ron for your friendship and computer savy skills. I will be taking my lap top, camera, and flash drive. And I will tell you now, Shirley is blessed to have the computer skills to document our trip...not me. I just learned how to use the flash drive , with the help of Shirley!

For all of our family /friends and new friends we will be making... may our trip be blessed and also a blessing for those who will follow our steps along the journey. As I have learned.... I know the road we are traveling on, however the journey on and off the road is still an unknown adventure. 8 days to Rome... we leave on March 6 NolaRae

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Ron said...

Dear Sister Maria Nola Rae,
Can't wait to read about your trip! We will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers!